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spoze it was worth a shot

i just think its sumthin that a blind man can tell teh difference between light n dark

or even has a consept of light n dark

(seeing how he was wearing glasses i just guessed he was blind..or just realy cool)

n no idea of the film..but can i have a prize anywayzz? = D

haay i guess that makes sence

or maybe realy cool people can ONLY see in the dark thats why they always wear sunglasses

yep its all adding up now

oh n i got the was blue velvet yes? and googleing may have been envolved..

prize? = D

Yeah… the movie could be blue velvet, should’ve spotted that myself.

As for really cool people and their ability to see in the dark, my most recent theory is that they don’t use ordinary light at all, but rather rely on a hitherto undiscovered particle called “coolon”, which is also the messenger particle for the cool universal force, thus allowing them to know what is cool and what is not.


Just stating the facts as I know them and is not a criticism, but in actuality, most blind people know the concept and can in fact know when it’s light or dark out, as they can see light and lack thereof. Now of course I don’t know all forms of blindness and this does not include all blind people and those without eyes all together.

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