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Your call has been placed in a queue and will be dealt with shortly.

[sound of Valkyries singing]

Your call is important to Asgard Inc. and will be dealt with as soon as possible.

[sound of Valkyries singing]

You are moving up the queue, also known as Bifrost, the Rainbow Bridge.

[sound of Valkyries singing]

All our deities are busy right now, but one will be available shortly to answer your prayer.

[sound of Valkyries singing]

You have asked for a specific deity. Your call will be routed to your chosen deity.

[recorded message]
Hi, this Thor, I’m out shagging and drinking right now – go fix your own problem, Heathenry is meant to be a religion for the self-reliant.

[listens to answerphone message]

You’ll be good? What kind of namby-pamby Christian crap is that? Oh wait, mead? Meeeaaadd? Now you’re talking? Oh wait, YOU’RE gonna quaff the mead? No, no, no and no. You give the mead to me, that’s how it’s supposed to work.

[glug, glug, glug]

Mmmm, mead. Now, what was your request? A car? No! I shall give you a chariot. drawn by goats. And with knives on the wheels. Yarr!

Technically Mead is a honey wine,
There are no grapes in it though.
Traditional Mead, often called naked mead; Is made from only three ingredients.

Honey Ales are from one of the oldest modifications of mead and that is the adding of hops.
These “meads” are actually called a Braggot, Rather then a true mead. Though many people get them mixed up.

Personally I hate the taste of beer and ales. I do have one friend that does make a Braggot that I do like. Part of it is he adds enough hops as well as other spices and fruits that it has the slightly astringent effects Without tasting like a beer. Most braggots taste like beer with honey used instead of the traditional glucose.

There are some goods meads that you can buy in stores. and there are some that are just, well sweet alcohol..

If you are interested a simple google search will turn up a lot of info on making mead, and even mead competitions..

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