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I love your humour and please continue making this stuff up, but I have to correct you about the last 4 Belgium jokes. The country you should be making these jokes about is the Netherlands, not Belgium. You got your facts wrong (except for the ronkbonk, in the Netherlands they have the Vaalserberg for the same purpose 🙂 )


Being from flanders in Belgium, it always gets my interest so see such fresh insight.
I have to agree though; the bike pazrt is more of a Netherlands thing rather than Flanders

even though; panel 2 and 3 arre soooo right 🙂
not because i know but because you said so

Being from flanders i love these jokes.

And this joke shouldn’t be stuff for the Netherlands, cause there medical system s”cks. About the beer, i don’t even want to begin to argue about that. Dutch beer is not beer, in Belgium we call it “peerdepis”, and it’s a totaly other branch of beverage then beer is.

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