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The logic behind the strip is that the first two are actual names where as the last one isn’t, there by providing a punch line. Obviously, me having to explain the strip isn’t a great sign of its success.

“Shit-Eyes” is also kind of a running joke between me and some friends – I’ve long claimed that if I ever had a kid I’d name him Shit-Eyes as pre-emptive revenge for whatever he puts me through. Poor kid. I’d also teach him the word for cat is dog and vice versa. Let’s hope for everyone’s sake I never have children.

lmao “pre-emptive revenge”..classic!

and i didnt know gaylord was a name…thats what everyone called the fat kid in primary school

lol but in our defence his last name was “gay” haha..later changed to smith for obvious reasons

im sure our come-uppance will come…

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