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Sigh, photoshopped. If you’re gonna call a shop, at least do it properly and include the standardized “I can tell by the pixels” and “..from having seen many shops in my time” sorta thing. At least be annoying properly.

WTF? Lightning is drawn to you? Where did you get that lame info? Public school? Lightning is like any other electrical circuit and follows the path of least resistance. If you are the path, then fine, it is drawn to you. BUT, in most cases your poor little body doesn’t even figure into the resistance equation that lightning is following, and it hits you because you just happen to be in the way. Unless you are offering a less resistant path, such as golfers do when they hold up a lightning rod, I mean golf club… Education before elucidation please.

Why is it that for every funny picture or creative idea on the internet there’s allways 5-10 people either “knowing” something that noone else could possibly know or just being stupidly offensive? Old memes loke the “shopped!” joke don’t even bother me anymore…

And yes! I am Internet police and my opinion is important!

Just had to be said… again

Is it really so important to know if the lightning is drawn to you or if you just happen to be in its way? The point of this strip is making fun of stupid advice by making a stupid advice! And I should know because I heard and even gave a few in my time. But not anymore! Anyway, I’m going to express my doubt: doesn’t the lightning run up from the ground? I’m pretty sure I saw it in a docu on tv and if someone knows it, it’s the telly!

Yes, the atmosphere gets positively charged because of incoming radiation stripping all the electrons away. The electrons in the ground get attracted and escape up through you. The positive current flow is from the atmosphere to the ground but in reality it’s carried by negatively charged particles in the opposite direction.

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