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While this may not be a comic (or it may be! I call artist’s impartiality!) I’m afraid you’ve fallen into the trap of confusing a genre (comedy) with a medium (comics). Comics as a form can tell a story of any genre and have no requirement to be funny (which this strip in question may or may not be attempting to be and may or may not actually be, depending on artistic intent and individual interpretation). Okay, enough waffle from me. Carry on!

Oh God I just realised that, when it says that somebody ‘says’ or ‘writes’ something on the internet, it is not so- when we ‘talk’ to somebody, it is not so! Although I realised this before (I am not a complete dullard), I think it is just now that it clicked- how desperately alone we all are, and that although we communicate, it is only a shallow reflection of what has previously been the norm. Oh Noes! :O

Not really sure why this comic caused such an existential crisis and WHAT AM I DOING SITTING AT MY COMPUTER WHEN I COULD HAVE FRIENDS AHHHHHHHHHH

If I cannon a spider-monkey in the arse with a tennis racquet full of 9″ nails over a pond filled with sharks and through flaming rings in a wood but no-one is around

Is it still as fantastically awesome and funny?

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