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Our country? It’s called….
Anyone else?

The Kingdom of… wait… is it…
The United… something something?

Maybe we have a symbol instead of a name? You know, like that pop star Squiggle-Hash-Umlaut.

Fascinating. So nobody remembers?
Nobody I’ve asked. And it doesn’t stop there.

Our country’s location in the world, its shape, borders, neighbours – no one knows any of it. Even our maps are blank.

I believe the royal cartographer prefers the term “infinitely updatable.”

You knew about this!?!
Only the bit about the maps! At the time it sounded like a valid approach to cost saving.

What does this mean!?
Or was it Umlaut-Hash-Squiggle?
Leadership powers: Activate.

Okay! Everybody listen up!
Here’s what we’re going to do.

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