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X2: Okay… but just because you’ve got a conviction on your record, that doesn’t mean everyone else has too.
Tachelock: Doesn’t it?

Tachelock: JEDCØP, what about you?
JEDCØP: JEDCØP violated a number of local weapon ordinances when he first arrived at the gate.

JEDCØP: JEDCØP tried to explain that it was a simple jurisdictional misunderstanding and that it was impossible for JEDCØP to commit a crime.

JEDCØP: But the Judge refused to listen to reason.

Tachelock: So wait, you’re specifically programmed not to be able to commit crime at all?

JEDCØP: But before I arrived at the gate, JEDCØP was a duly appointed officer of the law.
Tachelock: So?
JEDCØP: So if an officer of the law does something, it cannot be a crime.

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