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18.10. Old Time’s Sake

18.10. Old Time’s Sake published on No Comments on 18.10. Old Time’s Sake

Oooh! Our first “To Be Continued!” Which it will be! Eventually! Not in next week’s chapter though – but eventually!

Also! I’ve an actual news update to share with everyone about some exciting developments at (hint – all the Flash stuff works again!).

Flash Hypercomics Return to E-merl

Flash Hypercomics Return to E-merl published on 1 Comment on Flash Hypercomics Return to E-merl

A news update! How rare! Since last I posted I’ve been keeping pretty busy with the day job at University, although still managing the odd bit of comics research and creation when time has allowed. Although frustratingly, none of the projects I’ve been working on have quite made it to the stage where I’m ready to post about them online (yet!).

However! I do have a little bit of genuine news that concerns… the past! But in an exciting way! You see I’ve finally carved out a little time to do some much-needed spring cleaning around the place at Most of this is dull but necessary stuff like sorting out cookies, updating php versions and switching the site over to a more secure https setup. But the more exciting bit – I’ve also added in Flash emulation across the whole site via Ruffle. This means all my old hypercomics and webcomics that ran on Flash are now once again accessible on the site. Yay!

From what I’ve been able to test so far everything pretty much works, although some comics work better on desktop machines than via smartphones (but since the Flash content never used to work on smartphones at all, this is still an upgrade). I have noticed the occasional graphical or loading glitch on the odd comic, but I’m hoping future versions of Ruffle may eventually resolve these issues too.

So there you go! I’ve got to say, it feels good to finally have most of my old work back up on the web in a form people can easily access. And now you’re all free to read through the extensive E-merl back catalogue at your leisure.