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Ooh..ooh…an Internet Argument. YIPPEE!

1. Snowflakes can’t actually communicate with each other.
2. Randon anonymous posters on website comment feeds can’t actually communicate with each other.

Social Faux-pas explained…

yeah that whole no two snowflakes alike thing is not true at all. not only have identical ones been found, but think about it….in one storm, millions, probably billions of flakes fall, and think about how many snowstorms there have been all over the world throughout all of history.

To all the people correcting the strip because it isn’t technically true, get a life.
It was a joke, not a scientific experiment. If you understood the joke and got what he was trying to convey then there’s no point in the correction other than to boost your e-peen.

I thought it was funny, kudos!

I think the greater point the cartoonist was making was the U.S. national debt outnumbers every snowflake that has ever fallen in earth’s history on a dollar for flake basis. This being said, it doesn’t matter who the President will be.

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