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I’m probably going to say something you all know but wth. Ride has a slang usage meanign to have sex with. So this insult is saying that your mother has sex with horses… I’d imagine that to get the English slang usage of ride in the language it translates from that slang word would be equivalent to the word f**k.

It often happens that a really bad word in English translates over to a softer meaning and vice versa.

Hope I didn’t insult anyones intelligence there, but couldn’t resist explaing… sry!

Incidentally, some English language insults are actually far more insulting than you realise if you only knew their entymology. Calling someone a jerk for example. Basically you’re saying that a person is the result of a masturbation session and the word ‘dude’ while not a swear word is the biological term for a camels penis… think about that one for a minute lol.

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