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We’re hearing increased concerns about the possibility of ghost dinosaur attacks.
Is that a thing now?
Complaints about the lack of cats are also rising.
And then there there’s the aardvark problem.

Too many or not enough?
No one’s even sure anymore!
Ministers… ministers!

These are clearly all parts of a larger systemic problem that requires a systemic solution.

Are you saying we need… an inquiry?
I’m saying we need a Royal inquiry.

Hmm… first we’d need to substantiate matters at committee level.
To raise a suitable committee we’ll need to appoint a steering group.
But who’ll oversee the appointment process?

What is this I’m signing again?
A writ to appoint recruitment oversight for a steering group to oversee committee selection for the possible establishment of a new royal inquiry.

Do I event want to know why?
Probably better not to ask, you Majesty.

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