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The End

The End published on 3 Comments on The End

Annnnd we’re done. See you all on Monday for the start of 100 Planets. Then see you again on Wednesday and Friday for the other two series that will be joining E-merl next week!

( What-What-WHAT!? Two more weekly series? That’s right! But you’ll just have to tune in next week to find out what’s what. )

Drive On

Drive On published on 2 Comments on Drive On

No, this wasn’t all an elaborate April Fool’s gag. Next week: Herzog beyond reason and the end of the way that was!

( Also! You’ve probably noticed the site looking different and being intermittently broken today. Have no fear! Big upgrades and tweaks going on behind the scenes. A lot of the design work will be place-holder till I ferret out all the bugs. Stay tuned! )

Animal Medley

Animal Medley published on 4 Comments on Animal Medley

Always leave ‘em with a song! More details of the end and what comes next are here. And for fans wishing to express their appreciation of the series, you might consider purchasing a copy of Brain Fist for your shelves – my waning bank balance sure would appreciate it.